Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tenjo Sajiki performances on the ed2k-network

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For more information on Tenjo Sajiki, you can check the Wikipedia article.


La Marie-vison


ed2k: La Marie-vison.avi [421.08 Mb]
ed2k: script.pdf [194.3 Kb]

ed2k: Yves Montand - La Marie-vison.mp3 [2.26 Mb]

This is a Shuji Terayama memorial performance of his play La Marie-vison (Mink Marie) by the Tenjo Sajiki theater troupe, featuring Akihiro Miwa in the title role.

Imagen Imagen


One Hundred Years of Solitude


ed2k: 100 years of solitude.avi [700.59 Mb]

This sumptuous-yet-austere liberal re-working of Cien años de soledad by Gabriel García Márquez, arranged on a five-part stage surrounded by the audience, was historically the latest production of Tenjo Sajiki. It is also something of a theater prequel to Terayama's last film, Farewell to the Ark.

Imagen Imagen

Like the earlier two ATG films Terayama directed, Saraba hakobune (Farewell to the Ark) was also one part of a larger project. “One-Hundred Years of Solitude” was first performed as a play, the last new play by the Tenjo Sajiki troupe. Performed in a large warehouse, the audience sat on all sides of a central stage that had four smaller satellite stages projected off of its corners. Scenes from the novel took place simultaneously on all stages, forcing the audience to choose between scenes and thereby to partially create the play themselves. This was also the first of Terayama's plays to be professionally filmed, a difficult project given the structure of the performance... (Steve Clarke)


Shintokumaru (Poison Boy)


ed2k: Shintokumaru.avi [696.59 Mb]

Shuji Terayama and J.A.Seazer's phantasmagoric folk-psych-symph-prog-rock opera. Historical Tenjo Sajiki performance from 1978. A brief synopsis (for a somewhat different version of the play) can be found here:

Much of the symbolism of Shintokumaru is shared with Terayama's earlier masterpiece motion picture Pastoral: to die in the country (also known as Pastoral hide-and-seek).

Imagen Imagen


The Hunchback of Aomori


ed2k: The.Hunchback.of.Aomori.avi  [624.27 Mb]
ed2k: script.pdf  [128.5 Kb]

Shuji Terayama memorial performance of The Hunchback of Aomori from 1983 (featuring Akihiro Miwa).

Image Image


The Lemmings


ed2k: The Lemmings.avi [393.92 Mb]

Tenjo Sajiki's Lemmings. Shuji Terayama memorial performance from 1983. ... sv001.html

Imagen Imagen


Our age comes riding on a circus elephant


ed2k: Our age comes riding on a circus elephant.avi [805.19 Mb]
ed2k: synopsis.pdf [74.2 Kb]

Terayama's "anti-American" goofball musical performed by Tenjo Sajiki theater.

Imagen Imagen


Directions to Servants


ed2k: [639.54 Mb]
ed2k: script.pdf [104.3 Kb]

ed2k: posters.rar [1.34 Mb]

Imagen Imagen

And another (more radical) performance of Directions to Servants at the Mickery Theatre in Amsterdam:

ed2k: Cloud Cuckooland.avi [340.72 Mb]

Imagen Imagen


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