Monday, October 13, 2008

Terayama @ Cinema Nova

A little piece of local Terayama-related news: there's been a wonderful Terayama retrospective at the iconic Cinema Nova here in Brussels:

They've managed to obtain subtitled prints for a few feature films from Japan Foundation. However the highlight event has certainly been the screening of a few experimental shorts whose prints came from a private collection of Terayama's assistant director/designer/sound manager and occasional Tenjo Sajiki actor Henrik Morisaki (森崎偏陸)... this guy:

In the best traditions of Tenjo Sajiki, during the projection of Laura, Morisaki (who originally starred in the movie) jumped in through a slot in the screen and then (after being abused on-screen by the girls) jumped out stark-naked (sic!). Likewise, the projection of Der Prozess was finished off with hammering a few hundred nails into the blank screen by the audience. The occasion was quite unique (outside of Japan, at least) in its revival of the spirit of audience participation so characteristic of Tenjo Sajiki... On November 22, Cinema Nova promises to bring Tenjo Sajiki's orgasmic folk-songster Kan Mikami to Brussels:

It's great to see the Terayama phenomenon catching up. There have been a few retrospectives in Europe recently, one in Hong Kong and one in Bangkok:

PS: The walls of Cinema Nova have been decorated with print-outs of images, some of which must have come from this blog ;-) Oh well, I could only wish Terayama media resources to be available in better quality than tiny online JPEGs... Godspeed!..

PPS: A French translation of Morisaki's interview at Nova can be found here.