Monday, June 2, 2008

Akio Jissoji's Mujo

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For more information about the film, see the review (CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!).

For more information about the Buddhist doctrine of impermanence (mujo), see the Wikipedia article.


Mujō 無常 (This Transient Life)

ed2k: Mujo.avi [699.34 Mb]
ed2k: English [52.9 Kb]
ed2k: Russian [49.6 Kb]
ed2k: Chinese subtitles.rar [1.29 Mb]
ed2k: Spanish [53.9 Kb]
ed2k: Korean subtitles.smi [100.1 Kb]

This doesn't have much to do with Terayama or Tenjo Sajiki, but it's still a timeless and little known masterpiece from the Japanese New Wave / ATG that everyone has to watch!!! Akio Jissōji was a spectacular director, who could combine traditional Buddhist art and ethics with electrifying eroticism and intense modern sensibilities in his auteur films (while being successfully engaged at the same time in a number of TV / commercial cinema projects)...


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