Saturday, January 5, 2013

A little Terayama pilgrimage

Better late than never: I've finally got around to visiting a few important Terayama-related localities on a recent trip to Japan. Here is a little photo-report:

Terayama monument...

...and museum on the outskirts of Misawa city in Aomori, where Terayama spent his childhood.

Adjacent beautiful park:

On the road back to Misawa:

Osorezan, abode of the spirits, ubiquitous in Terayama's writings and the Pastoral film. (Osorezan is located on Shimokita peninsula in the extreme north of Honshu island and consecrated to children who died before their parents. Terayama himself died before his mother, and retained childish imagination and playfulness until the end of his life.)


Terayama's grave at Takao cemetery, western suburbs of Tokyo (google maps view):

Autumn colors seen from the cemetery hill:

Buddhist sculptures close to the grave site:

Tenjo Sajiki theater was located in this block in Shibuya (google maps view):

A historical photo from this web-site for comparison (it has changed, as you may notice):