Thursday, May 7, 2009

Historical photos of Tenjo Sajiki in France

As unlikely as it may have seemed, these have surfaced, courtesy of our dear friends at EigaGoGo!:

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Morisaki's interview in English

Henrikku Morisaki's interview of October 12, 2008 at Cinema Nova in Brussels has now been translated into English:[EN].htm

He speaks extensively about Terayama and Tenjo Sajiki.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

And a little butoh...

Another grotesque rarity from the same time/place/milieu...
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Summer Storm
(Tatsumi Hijikata, 1973)

夏の嵐 (土方巽, 1973)

ed2k: Summer Storm.avi
ed2k: English

A legendary 1973 performance by the butoh founder Tatsumi Hijikata. The historical footage appears to have been shot at 18.5 frames-per-second (yes, such frame rates have been practiced on amateur film cameras, according to the Internet) and on 8mm film... genuine underground, you know!..

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rare artifacts from 1960es

These rare materials have little to do with Terayama, but they belong to the same (exciting!) epoch in the history of Japanese art.

The two surrealist shorts (Pupu by Motoharu Jonouchi, and Sa-in by Masao Adachi) are often mentioned in historical accounts of Japanese underground cinema, but almost never seen. Luckily, they have recently surfaced on the net.

Tamotsu Yato's photo albums are a fine and idiosyncratic example of Japanese homoerotic photography, produced in collaboration with Yukio Mishima.

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Pūpū (Motoharu Jōnouchi, 1960)
プ-プ- (城之内元晴, 1960)

ed2k: pupu.avi


Sa-in aka The Blocked Vagina
(Masao Adachi, 1963)

鎖陰 (足立正生, 1963)

ed2k: sain.avi


Tamotsu Yatō - 矢頭保

ed2k: Young Samurai.rar
ed2k: Naked Festival.rar
ed2k: OTOKO.rar

3 photo albums: Young Samurai: Bodybuilders of Japan (体道:日本のボディビルダーたち), Naked festival: A Photo-Essay (裸祭り) and OTOKO: Photo-Studies of the Young Japanese Male.